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Star Prayer Beads DIY

Star Prayer Beads DIY

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Introducing our Starry Prayer Bead DIY Kit - a captivating blend of tradition and cosmic inspiration. This kit empowers children to craft prayer beads, combining traditional round beads with playful star accents. Coloured beads represent planets or elements in space, creating a celestial loop alongside traditional prayer beads.

Each kit makes 4-5 sets of beads. Designed with intentionally soft and fun colors, this kit invites children to reflect on the vastness of creation during prayers. The stars, nodding to cosmic structures, add a touch of whimsy while reinforcing the continuous connection with Allah Almighty.

Encouraging little ones to engage in prayer and dhikr, as they craft, children can contemplate that even elements in creation are busy in the dhikr of Allah, moving and designed by Him.

Craft your own Starry Prayer Beads for a journey of spiritual connection, where Islamic dhikr intertwines with cosmic contemplation, creating a harmonious and centered way of life for our families.

Kit includes: 5 Tassles, Box of Coloured Beads, Pack of Star Beads, Bead Wire Roll

Suitable for ages 6+ | Size: 25cm Package 

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