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Storyteller is your source for authentic high-quality Islamic books and products. We seek to encourage and help people lead God-Conscious life through our variety of Islamic products and services delivered to you in the most exceptional manner. We want to help you as the parent lay down strong foundations for your children. May Allah guide our off-spring to the truth of the Qur’an and Sunnah and keep them steadfast on their deen. We pray to Allah to accept our work and help us spread deen in the way we can. 

Prayer Dress

Travel friendly prayer dresses for adults and kids. Browse through our collection for colours and prints.

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Ramadan fidget calendars

Ramadan Fidget toys calendars will take the excitement for Ramadan to another level this year!!

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Ramadan and Eid books and decor

Shop our Ramadan and Eid Collection to bring the spirit of the holidays to your home.

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  • Musa and friends say Bismillah

    Musa & Friends - a charming collection ofcushioned board booksfor pre-schoolers. Written and created by award-winning author, Zanib Mian

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  • Five-minute Quran stories

    Five-Minute Quran Stories is perfect to read aloud with the whole family. Featuring colourful and imaginative illustrations , these stories are a marvellous early introduction to the wisdom of the Quran.

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  • Babys first Quran stories

    Baby’s First Quran Stories, is a wonderful way to introduce little ones to some of the Quran’s best loved stories.

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