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Giant Ramadan Coloring Poster and sticker book

Giant Ramadan Coloring Poster and sticker book

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What if we celebrate Ramadan & Eid in 30 unique imaginative and real places, is the theme of this year's Giant Coloring poster by The Little Bulbul

Package Includes:

  1. 68"x30" giant poster

  2. A sticker book with over 750 stickers

A captivating and fun activity to enjoy throughout the entire month of Ramadan.

Mission: Every day, color one section and add the designated stickers from the sticker book.

  1. Use sticker book to add stickers to the appropriate hexagon on the coloring poster.

  2. Completely color in the designed hexagon each day.

By the end of Ramadan, you will have completed a beautiful masterpiece.

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