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Mini Mosaic Masjid DIY

Mini Mosaic Masjid DIY

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Embark on a creative journey with our Mini Mosaic DIY Kit! Families can explore tile-making to craft unique keyrings or magnets, shaped to showcase the three holiest sites in Islam - Makkah, Medina, and Jerusalem - making five mosques in total. Packed with essentials, it's a fun blend of creativity and spirituality.

Using the mini mosaic method, kids create not just keepsakes but also a connection to Islamic traditions. The mix of tile art, design, and Islam, especially featuring the holiest sites, is at the heart of this crafting experience. As they craft, kids discover the spiritual ties between art, memories, and Islam, shaping an enriching lifestyle.

Once finished, these mosaic keyrings or magnets go beyond crafts—they become thoughtful gifts or personal treasures. Nurture creativity and mindfulness with our Mini Mosaic DIY Kit, where art, memories, and Islam beautifully converge for an inspiring experience.

Suitable for Ages 6+ | Size: 25cm Package 

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