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MARRIED EVER AFTER By (author) Ali Hammuda

MARRIED EVER AFTER By (author) Ali Hammuda

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Married Ever After is a guide through the marriage process based on 20 timeless Qur'anic principles, insightful Prophetic examples and contemporary research on maintaining successful relationships. We know all relationships involve struggle, and challenges are an inevitable part of a believer's life. Married Ever After teaches us how to pick the struggles that are worthy, rewarding and lead to the greatest pleasure. Whether you are preparing for marriage, already in a marriage or contemplating ending one, Married Ever After is your companion, reminder and compass back to Divine pleasure at every stage. Rooted in Islamic principles, we learn how our spiritual health impacts the wellbeing of our human relationships. The goal of Married Ever After is more important than ever. Learn how to revive the contentment at home, because successful thriving families are at the heart of a successful thriving Ummah.

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